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TV & Audio: Visuals can be deceived A television is a machine with a screen. Televisions receive broadcast signals and turn them into pictures and sound. Televisions has been classified as LED’s LCD’s Smart TVs and 4k Ultra hd TV’s. Smart TV is a technological convergence between computers and flatscreen television sets and set-top boxes. Apart from TV sets the audio devices like home theatres, DVD players, Audio channels and wireless speakers make the television even more better in the audio. Among the best-known brands are Lg, Panasonic, Videocon etc.
Rs. 9,990.00 Rs. 13,990.00
Rs. 17,990.00 Rs. 29,990.00
Rs. 24,989.00 Rs. 32,989.00
Rs. 39,990.00 Rs. 59,990.00
Picture of LG 4K ULTRA HD LED 43UJ632T
Rs. 61,748.00 Rs. 71,990.00
Picture of LG 4K ULTRA HD LED 43UJ652T
Rs. 64,788.00 Rs. 71,990.00
Picture of LG 4K ULTRA HD LED 43UJ752T
Rs. 77,490.00 Rs. 89,990.00
Rs. 2,389.00 Rs. 2,589.00
Rs. 14,499.00 Rs. 15,901.00
Rs. 14,490.00
Picture of LG LED 32LJ542D
Rs. 24,390.00 Rs. 25,990.00
Rs. 24,890.00 Rs. 29,990.00


Rs. 1,355.00 Rs. 243,677.00
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