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Make your life easier and more comfortable with Kent water purifier

We believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle is just about eating healthy and nutritious food. The sad part is that we miss out on one major aspect i.e. water. Drinking safe and healthy water is as essential as consuming healthy food.  Consumption of clean water protects the body from any diseases and ensures good health. kent water purifier removes cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water. This helps in reducing gastrointestinal disease by more than 33%. kent water purifier is important in developing children’s immune system. For all the beauty lovers out there, Purified water benefits include improving skin hydration. Purified water is healthier than distilled water, alkaline water.

 Thinking of buying the best purifier for your home? Well, purifier like Kent water purifier is the right choice for you. With several health benefits, Kent water purifiers stand as the most reliable brand today.

  1. Eliminates the risk of cancer

As we’ve all heard that prevention is better than cure, water purifier eliminates the harmful chemicals and reduces the risk of cancer. It removes lead and other heavy metals from water and reduces the risk of bladder cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer. Chlorine reacts with other impurities and forms a by-product known as carcinogens (cancer-causing elements) which can be easily removed with the help of a water purifier.


  1. Improves the taste of water

Kent water purifiers help in removing bad taste and odour causing agents and gives you water that tastes better. These RO water purifiers make sure that you consume water that tastes better and is fit for drinking.


  1. Maintains the amount of essential minerals

These water purifiers retain the natural minerals present in water and provide you with water that is safe for drinking. Kent RO UV water purifiers have an inbuilt TDS controller to provide you with mineral water and maintain the ph of the drinking water.


  1. Protects against harmful diseases

Water purifiers protect you from getting any kind of water-borne diseases by removing all the microorganisms responsible for the same.  Cryptosporidium and giardia are removed from the water which is responsible for a gastrointestinal disease.


Working hard to live a healthy lifestyle? Well, the first step is getting home the best water purifier like Kent water purifier and bid goodbye to all your diseases. Kent water purifier offers purity with upgraded technology and improved quality every day. Kent RO water purifiers are based on patented Mineral RO technology with double purification that combines Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration in a multistage filtration process. This method helps in removing impurities that are even dissolved in water and also helps in retaining essential minerals present in the water. Thus the water that you consume through Kent water purifier is 100% pure and safe drinking water. Choose the best water purifiers like UV water purifiers, Gravity water purifiers, RO water purifiers according to your needs and bring home the best health guard for your family. Consider these few points before purchasing your next water purifier and get the ideal purifier that makes your life healthier.

Kitchen Appliances - Built-in technology to transform your Kitchen

From answering to your late night hunger pangs to being the ideal place for all your foodie experiments, kitchens are our favorite place indeed. Giving them the modular and designer touch not only adds to its visual beauty, but enhances its functionality. The contemporary finish that you get from giving your kitchen space the gift of built-in appliances is ineffable. Search for your ideal kitchen appliances online and carefully select for the one that matches your requirements.

The built-in kitchen appliances occupy the space in your kitchen cabinets and counter tops and make your work more organized. Apart from their visual appeal, these kinds of kitchens have a long-lasting utility and space saving ability. Such quality is not only desirable but it also a necessity. Getting your kitchen furnished with built-in cooking appliances and organize your kitchen appliances in the right manner. Book your kitchen appliance online and decorate your kitchen in the right way.

  1. Chimney is crucial

You will find various options for chimneys available in the market today. Do not get confused with the functions of different kinds of ventilation hoods. Pick the right chimney for your kitchen as per your requirements. Various kinds of chimneys include island chimneys, wall mounted chimneys and designer hood chimneys. Your choice should be based on your requirement and the design that not just compliments your kitchen but also proves to be highly functional.


  1. Go for built-in hobs

The most functional addition to a kitchen is a built-in hob. A glass hob or induction built-in hob gives your modular kitchen the much needed contemporary touch. They both are easy to clean and have their own set of efficiency. A hob actually makes space for other essential items in the kitchen.  The amount of space and size available in the kitchen are the key points that determine the kind of hob one should get.


  1. Organized wall ovens

Wall ovens free up space that gets occupied by a traditional oven. It also gets easy to access them when they are kept at chest height. You can even choose from a single or double configuration. Double configurations are considered ideal for multi-tasking and you can prepare multiple things at a time. Apart from double configurations one you can even install ovens side by side.


  1. A cool space with built-in refrigerators

Prepare your kitchen for organized interiors that gives your kitchen a sleek appearance along with a contemporary touch. Various varieties for a built-in refrigerator include French-door, bottom freezer, side by side. These refrigerators enhance the visual space and impart a sense of style to your kitchen.


Nowadays, it’s not just about getting all kinds of kitchen appliances but also organize it in the right way. The built-in kitchen appliances help in giving your kitchen the designer touch. Make sure that you keep in mind all your additional requirements regarding its installation along with its precise measurements. Get all these facilities at the convenience of your home as you can book kitchen appliances online from Bajaj Electronics. Show off your culinary skills and give your kitchen appliances a functional twist that makes it stand apart.

The guidelines for buying the best Water Filter Machine for your home use

Installing a water filter machine at your home has become a huge necessity nowadays. Every day we come across various ads on TV where various brands claim to have the latest technologies. Where a person is not aware about various technicalities, it is hard to decide which one is the best purifier for home use. 

More choices make your decision of installing the best water purifier for home use, even more difficult. So how will you decide which one is the ideal water purifier for you? Well, have a glass of water; relax as we bring to you the ultimate guide to buy the best water purifier for home use.

RO water filter machine and its myth

Planning to purchase an RO purifier recently? RO technology and its benefits would have definitely topped the list of recommendations. Well hang on before get on the RO train and understand why it is necessary first. RO water filter machine is required only when the water coming to your home has high TDS value in it.

The value should be higher than 300 ppm. If the water that comes to your home has TDS value lower than 300 ppm, there is no need to install a RO purifier. The purified water will reduce the essential minerals from the water like magnesium and calcium if you get a RO purifier with a value lower than 300 ppm.

Choose the right RO

It is not just about installing a water purifier; your requirement depends on the kind of water you get in your house. Hard water contains high level of TDS and RO purifiers are best suited for such type of water. If you get hard water with huge amount of impurities get a RO + UV or a RO+ UV+ UF purifier.

Gravity based water filter machine

These inexpensive water purifiers do not have features like that of an RO and UV based filters. You can get a gravity based purifier when you switch homes frequently or when you have a limited budget.

Feasible installation

RO and UV purifiers are quiet heavy. For their installation, make sure you are familiar with its dimensions so that it can be mounted easily on your kitchen’s wall. An inlet for electricity and water is also required.

Reuse your RO waste water

Using RO water purifier results in a huge wastage. We can adopt several methods in which we can reuse it. If the water from your purifier has very low TDS then it is generating more waste water. Also, the minerals present in the water are also very less. In order to avoid this wastage, increase the TDS of your purifier by adjusting the TDS controller knob.

The basic guide to buy the water purifier depends upon the source of water and the kind of impurities that are present in the water supplied. Don’t let the various ads on TV influence you. Analyze your water filter machine purchase, keeping these points in mind get the next best water purifier for home use.



Top 6 simple steps to pick the Best Refrigerator Brand that will work well for your family

Planning to buy a new fridge? Well, probably you have been surrounded with a lot of confusion. Various brands offer various features and technologies but to pick the right one becomes difficult. More options make the situation even more difficult. Your decision to choose the best refrigerator brand depends upon your needs and requirements. The space in your house is also a huge deciding factor.

Numerous brands offer different types of technologies which makes it harder to choose the best refrigerator brand for your home. The cool chest that delights all the foodies and is your savior from all the late night cravings, our refrigerator does a lot for us. We understand the importance of a fridge in your life that is why we have combined some simple steps that you should consider while hunting for that ideal refrigerator for your home.

Style matters

The kind of refrigerator that your house will adorn depends upon requirements and the amount of space needed.

Top-mounted fridge and freezer are the most common and inexpensive fridge design. As the name suggests, the freezer is on top of the fridge and the door opens on any side according to the customer’s preference.

French door fridge has doors that open from the centre along with the freezer drawer that is at the bottom.

Side-by-side refrigerators have fridge and freezer alongside one another. With a modern and contemporary look these refrigerators are quiet spacious.

Bottom mount refrigerators have become quite popular lately. This kind of fridge has the freezer at the bottom and the fridge on top. It is easy to use these refrigerators and the freezer at the bottom has a pullout freezer.

Be sure with the size

Depending upon your storage requirement, you need to buy the fridge that you need. Cubic feet are the key metric. The average fridge for a family of four requires a fridge from 18 to 25. The decision completely depends on its usage. If a large family rarely eats at home and usually goes out, they need a small fridge. If a young couple has more people coming up as guest they might need a large fridge.

Choose the right brand

Various brands offer features that are not just appealing but also have a lot of utility. Make your decision based on your requirement. For e.g. Whirlpool with double door offers reliability and space. Your decision to purchase an ideal refrigerator should be based on such analyses.

Consider counter-depth refrigerator

These kinds of refrigerators are designed perfectly to align with the edges of the countertops. As only the fridge door sticks out, the fridge gives a custom-designed, expensive look as it is made to fit into your cabinetry. These fridge are however, less spacious.

Decide upon the features

Apart from shelves, crisper drawers and door compartments, refrigerators these days now offer a lot of features. Days are gone when a refrigerator was just meant to cool its insides. Contemporary features like icemakers, water dispensers, adjustable shelving and others make today’s refrigerators actually cool.

Be storage-minded

Tired of arranging items in your refrigerator? Well, it’s time to consider refrigerators that have more space in it. Shelves which you can easily slide or fit in leaves more space for tall items. If you are looking for something that has more space try whirlpool with double door and fit in all your delicacies easily.

Choose the best refrigerator brand and bring home the fridge which is convenient for your family to use. Get ready to create new foodie memories with your refrigerator. Make the ideal choice and consider the above guidelines while purchasing every foodie’s dream chest. Get the best home for your favourite food.

Top 5 Best Air Conditioner brands - You must choose this summer

The season of bright and sunny days is here. Summers are meant for road trips and long vacations to places with amazing views. People go for vacations, but do they enjoy fully? Summers are meant to be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest. In a country like ours, we are rewarded with quite a long summer vacation, so that we have to use best air conditioner brands which we have to use. What also comes with that is the hot and humid weather. Summers in our country go up to a level where just a fan won’t help.  

The season of constant sweating is here, but there’s a fix for every problem. If you want to be one of those people who enjoy summer and have a cozy vacation right at your home, you are on the right page. Scroll down to see what can make your summer fantastic!

Here’s a list of some best air conditioner brands that can serve you well, this summer.


Just as the name suggests, LG does make your life good. LG is one of the top air conditioner brands in our country. The air conditioners that LG offers come with some really cool features that turn your room into the Himalayas. Run a chill down your spine with the amazing LG ACs shopped from Bajaj Electronics.  


Voltas has been trusted in our country for years now. Its products consist of some top air conditioners that make our lives easier. Their air conditioners filter the bacteria and stop it from making its way to your room. Breathe in a fresh environment with Voltas ACs. Book yours from Bajaj Electronics and forget the pain of searching for the perfect AC in the scorching heat this summer.


Daikin is a Japanese Multinational Air Conditioning manufacturing company. It is known to be one of the best air conditioner brands in the world. Their air conditioner comes with mind-blowing features, like the smell proof operation that prevents your room from smelling artificial and makes it really fresh. Gear up to make your room extra fresh and chilly. Get your cheat code from Bajaj Electronics this summer.


Happiness starts with Hitachi. Hitachi produces the best air conditioners that make your summers bearable and happy. Their air conditioners come with features that make you feel like you are on a vacation to the coldest place on this planet. Grab yours at Bajaj Electronics today.


Whirlpool is a top air conditioning brand that offers ACs which comes with icy cool features. They make sure that your room is cold enough for you to feel its winter. Find your chill pill at Bajaj Electronics and defeat the heat this summer.

That was a list of your summer saviours. Pave your way to a cool and happy summer through these top air conditioner brands. Bring home your new cool friend today.


It is the 21st century; we live in a world of World Wide Web and Online Electronics Shopping . The internet and the electronic gadgets go hand in hand; we need a cell phone to have access to the internet, and the internet to browse on the cell phone. Everything is available online, from grocery items to electronic gadgets.  We have the option of having things at our door step because of online shopping. Online shopping is a savior for us, its summer; no one wants to get out of the house in this scorching sun, do we? Also, living without an air cooler or an air conditioner, when the temperature is around 45 degrees every day, is next to impossible. So, here we bring you the option of online electronics shopping. There are a number of Online Electronics Shopping sites, but we’ll tell you where you can get the best and a variety of products,Bajaj Electronics has their own online electronics site,

Whether you want to get your new iPhone X, or add another air conditioner to cool yourself, you’ll find it all on their website. Also, are you a supporter of other brands? You don’t have to worry about that, this online electronics store has it all listed down for you. They care for their customers, and thank them every year, with their annual event called the gold hungama, giving away 1 kg gold to the winner.

They deal with the following electronic devices.


If you are looking for smart ways to buy smart phones you must take a look at the Bajaj online electronics store. They deal with some amazing smart phone brands like, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Sony, Hitachi, Oppo, Vivo, and many more. Tired of losing your headphones and USB cables? You can have them with a click. What other smart way to browse for a smart phone?


The Bajaj online electronics store has a variety of brands available for you to select from. Looking for an office desktop? Want to gift a tablet to your mother? It is all available here. From brands like LG, Hitachi, Lenovo and apple, Dell, Hp, they are all present on the Bajaj online electronics store.


Love watching movies on TV and listening to some rock music on your portable speaker? The Bajaj online electronics store has a miscellany of devices available. They deal with brands like LG, Sony, Panasonic, Daikin, Bajaj, etc.


Don’t you want your house to have ever necessity required? The Bajaj online electronics store has appliances like heaters, dishwashers, kitchen appliances, water geysers, refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, etc. All from the best brands like Morphy Richards, Kent, Pure it, Eureka Forbes. Usha etc.


Living with just a fan on, in this summer, is really a tough job. The Bajaj online electronics store has a diversity of products available; they deal with brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Havells, Symphony, etc. 


What are you waiting for, no need to suit up, just grab a seat and add your favorite electronic gadgets to the cart. 

Air Cooler-5 Reasons Why it is a Smart Buy for the customer in this Summer

Air cooler is one of the best solution of our comfort in this summer ! Are you tired of the hot and humid weather but you are not able to do anything as the solutions are out of your budget? Well, then you have not searched the right options yet. The perfect choice to get rid of the excessive heat this summer is to bring the most effective and best air coolers to your home this season. Nowadays the hard work to find the best air cooler has been reduced through online shopping. So sit in the comfort of your home and get a fantastic air cooler delivered to your doorstep.

However, if you still think that you can survive without an Air Cooler in this harsh climate then guess what you are about to change your mind. We have compiled some solid reasons which will make you buy an Air Cooler now.


Air cooler that also keeps your pocket cool

Be cool this summer with a cost-effective appliance at your service. Get the best air coolers at a reasonable price combined with the latest technology. The electricity bill won’t be a burden anymore as they consume ten times less energy and lowers your monthly bill ultimately.


Designed for the modern you

Remember the time when air coolers used to rust and used to appear worse than ever. The times have changed now. The sleek and contemporary designs have raised the cool factor with high quality regarding the material used in manufacturing them.


Carry the coolness

Yes, the best quality of these air coolers is that they come with wheels attached to it. You can quickly place it in a room of your choice and enjoy the fresh air instantly. Its portability is a huge advantage as you cannot carry your AC to any other place.


Features that you can’t say no to

Have you ever thought that you could even protect the environment and simultaneously control the temperature inside your house? Yes, these air coolers have made it possible. The best feature about these coolers is that there are no harmful emissions and you can enjoy the cold air guilty free. 


Feel the air from every corner

Often we experience low to nil amount of cold air even though we sit in the same room as that of an AC. Don’t worry air coolers have got your back. They know exactly how to make you comfortable and keep you fresh in this scorching heat. The powerful throw and even distribution of air ensure that you feel relaxed irrespective of the position you occupy in a room.


Make a smart choice and bring home the best air cooler for your home. Control the weather inside your house and be cool this summer. Stay carefree as you have the perfect solution to the heat this season. Do not spend this summer hesitating and avail the benefits of an air cooler through online shopping. Let’s beat the heat efficiently this summer.

Best online Electronics shopping site in Hyderabad

Who would have thought that buying electronic products online would be so comfortable and convenient? Thanks to Bajaj Electronics, apart from their walk-in showrooms, now we can do online electronics shopping from homes as well. A collection of the most popular electronics brands along with the widest range of products, Bajaj Electronics, stands to be the No.1 electronics retailer in South India. Find a wide range of electronics like TVs, air conditioners, mobiles, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, laptops, washing machines, audio systems, etc., while you comfortably lay on your sofa. 

This online electronics shopping site in Hyderabad is your one-stop shop to get all your electronics shopping sorted. So, what makes an ideal online shopping website for all your electronics needs? Read on:


Bajaj Electronics has been one of the oldest electronics retailers in South India with over 50 showrooms. It’s got a rich legacy of more than 30 years. So, you can expect nothing but the best! It has been our motto to delight you. That’s what our customer-centric approach is all about.


Awesome customer service 

Our customers mean a lot to us. With features like 24-hour delivery, quick installation, and easy returns, we ensure that your online electronics shopping is convenient.


Helpdesk at your service 

Our relationship with our customers doesn’t end after the purchase. In fact, we go the extra mile to help out customers with all sorts of product-related queries.If you’ve got any queries or suggestions, please write to us at


Super saver deals

We, at Bajaj Electronics, help you with super exciting offers that will make your electronics-buying experience even better. Log on to our website, and check out some of the hottest deals. Shop more, and save big.

Maximum varieties under one roof

Over the years, we’ve understood that range is one of the most important things that a customer expects. And that’s precisely why we make sure that our online shopping site, and showrooms, stock various brands.

Experience a world-class online electronic shopping experience from the #1 electronics retailer in South India. With services that make your online shopping a happy experience, this trustworthy brand has launched the best online electronics shopping site in Hyderabad. This well-updated website caters to all kinds of needs of the customers with excellent service to make your online electronic shopping smooth and convenient.

LG front load washing machine helps the modern mom keep the laundry pile in control

Bored of doing laundry? Relax lg front load washing machine has every solution to your household problems. We understand your needs and have incorporated such features into our products that reduce your workload in every possible way. Our everyday lives have been so busy that the daily chores especially laundry adds up to the stress. With its smart and innovative technology, lg front load washing machine has always stepped a notch higher to provide effective services of lg washing machine .

LG Washing Machine has proved to be a household favourite over the years. Don’t believe us, find it yourself.


Varied motion for a better result of lg front load washing machine

This 6 Motion Direct Drive (DD) involves scrubbing, rolling, stepping, swing, tumbling and filtration.  This process promises a complete wash of your clothes with utmost care. 6 Motion combines force of water and rhythm of motion to provide a cleaner wash every time. Motion changes according to how dirty your clothes are. This lg washing machine technology helps in providing LG consumers cleaner and less tangled clothes.

LG Washing Machine saves you a lot of energy

LG washing machine is an efficient energy saver with its Inverter Control feature. With less speed fluctuations and sustainable consumption of electricity, it is safe to say that it is the ‘Best Washing Machine’ presently. Optimum washing performance is ensured and you save water and electricity as well.

No dirt residue to be seen with LG Washing Machine

Baby care feature makes the temperature rise up to 95 degree Celsius. This helps to get rid of all types of bacteria and enzymes. With no detergent residue remaining in the clothes, the gentle motor ensures that the quality of the clothes remain intact.

Leaves your fabric odourless

Not just washing but LG washing machine ensures that your fabric is odourless and is prevented from entering the spin mode. As they lay suspended in the water, the rinse hold cycle makes way for the additional rinse cycle. This spares time to release the rinse hold before entering the spin cycle. This process prevents the chances of occurrence of a foul smell in the clothes and maintains the freshness of your garments.

Washing Machine cum engineer

With in-built Smart Diagnosis System, your machine is ready to detect the problem it is currently going through. All you have to do is dial smart diagnosis and wait for the phone to know your next step. Get free from the problem of calling the engineer and spending a lot of time for any kind of problems. This feature ensures an instant solution to various machine-related issues.

Sterilizes your machine

Development of fungus and other toxic substances is very common when your machine is regularly used. The tub area turns out to be a home to these problems in any ordinary washing machine. Tub clean feature uses hot steam with the high-speed spin to sterilize every corner of the tub. Your machine and clothes both remain disinfected. Thus, it also takes care of your health.

Enhanced performance with new technology

Inverter Direct Drive Technology facilitates minimal noise and vibration along with more durability. The motor is directly attached to the drum without the use of belt or pulley. As less mechanical parts are used, the energy depletion is automatically reduced which leads to a better performance.

Planning to buy a new LG washing machine? Go for it. LG washing machine comes with various load capacities, anti-bacterial functionalities, and energy-saving technology. Combined to save your time and provide high efficiency, these are termed as the best washing machine for a reason.

With Twin load, Semi-Automatic and Front-loading at your service bring home a machine that serves all your needs effortlessly. Now every laundry day will be a happy day with LG’s key feature that will make washing clothes an interesting task.


How to beat the heat with the New Hitachi AC this summer?

If you are thinking of cool cozy environment, then you are thinking Hitachi ac. These energy efficient masterpieces are a breath of fresh air that meets the need of every lifestyle. Designed to provide you with high-quality solutions, these are loaded with new technology features that are extremely reliable.

Wondering if all the AC’s come with similar qualities, then you are wrong my friend. Hitachi AC stands as a Best Air Conditioner as it not only provides cool but clean air with its Anti-Bacterial Koukin Filter. Its auto climate feature makes it favorable in every weather condition. This amalgamation of technology and innovation has made all the difference with its awe-inspiring utility.

Hitachi AC combined with its brilliant component makes up for a leading air condition brand. Summer might be harsh this season but our air conditioners are crafted to beat the heat in every possible way.

For a ‘Cool’ style statement

Its designs are not just aesthetically pleasing to look at but also create an impression of winter season during a harsh summer. Hitachi AC comes with the sleek and fascinating design that makes it even more desirable due to its efficient functionality. As every model by Hitachi is a work of art, their latest is a mix of innovative technology and futuristic design. Now enjoy breezy days in style.

Hitachi AC are more sensible than your regular AC

When it comes to providing amazing features for your comfort, these air conditioners pass the test with flying colors. They are equipped with ultra-sensitive sensors that are designed to detect the smallest of an individual’s body. Termed as Best Air Conditioner, they come with three sensing zones that channelize the flow of air from a specific direction. As they are light in weight they can enhance your décor anywhere in your house. With great efficiency and high quality, this brand has managed to secure a place as the most reliable AC brand.

Keeps your pocket warm

Yes, you read that right! Hitachi AC has the capacity to keep you cool and your pockets warm. Now your dream of getting an AC with the latest technology within your financial limit is just a shop away.

Equipped with the latest technology

For getting cozy in your bedroom or wanting to chill in the living room, these Hitachi Air Conditioners are suitable everywhere. Hitachi AC is designed to be energy efficient according to the country you are residing in. Loaded with world’s leading technology like Ace out, Follow me and Auto clean technology - this star rated AC is highly eco-friendly too.

It may be hard to control the weather but with Hitachi AC’s you can exercise control over the climate in your house. What makes it more desirable are its latest features and ability to fit into your budget. Enjoy summers that are sweat free and airy. Chill with your friends and family and beat the heat in style.  

Lenovo laptops is one of the Top products, people needs to have.

In my opinion, it is always sensible to be coached on your acquaintance with a new lenovo laptops device. A  lenovo laptops is a gadget one uses daily. Furthermore, the use of this gadget in today’s generation is medium to high. The best laptop is one that offers you the desired features, within your budget. Furthermore, it is must rank high in terms of longevity and lifespan. Lenovo laptops check all those boxes.

Its latest laptops are strong with many useful features. One must know how to access them.  These include:

  1. A Friendly Introduction of lenovo laptops

Moreover, it intimates you with important updates and lets you know your warranty status, product specifications, and O.S. details, at the click of a button.

  1.  Customisation

Next, take charge and adjust PC settings according to convenience. You can turn the webcam on or off, alter sound environments, adjust mouse activity and change your battery plan using these.

  1. A Chapter on Windows

Furthermore, the latest laptops come equipped with a Windows 8 or 10 guide. Take its help to set up the OS on your new laptop. A new operating system can be confusing for some. The Windows Guide addresses this very issue.

  1. Internal Protection

Safeguard your system with a potent Anti-virus program. Next, learn to set up the anti-virus. Furthermore, the latest laptops come with an inbuilt antivirus and the best laptop ensures regular antivirus checks.


  1. In Safe Hands

In addition, secure your PC with the Accidental Damage Protection to prevent any external liquid damage. Many a time we happen to lounge around our systems with a beverage in hand, even around a cherished, expensive device. Accordingly, this feature takes care of any external damage due to spillage.

  1. Connection

Moreover, learn to pair external printers or speakers to your PC or ThinkPad. In addition, always be thorough with attaching an external DVD drive and booting from it. The best laptop always allows multiple wireless connections.

  1.  Migration

 Also, Lenovo, even in its low price laptops, allows transfer of data from your old system to your new device. Follow the inbuilt Migration Guide to know more. Moreover, this feature comes to the aid of professional gamers and is especially useful in gaming laptops.

  1. Registration Is Key

In addition, registering your Lenovo device has many advantages. The Lenovo center will send you the latest updates, download options, safety alerts and guarantee overview among other things. Additionally, registering verifies the authenticity of the product and aids fuss-free backup.

  1.  Beautify Your PC

Moreover, accessorise your system with a wireless keyboard and mouse combination or even new Bluetooth speakers. Even low-priced laptops allow this feature. Furthermore, the latest ThinkPad range of the Lenovo universe features the smartest apps and decoration options. Go crazy with these!

       10.Upping Their Game

 As a matter of fact, Lenovo exhibits the best of its technology in its gaming laptops. Thereby, these boast superfast performance, expansive storage, and state-of-the-art graphics.

In addition, Lenovo offers a step by step guide on its website to help you choose the right laptop for yourself. Alternatively, there are multiple manually selectable options for the layman and for gamers, businessmen, students and movie buffs. Finally, it is best to choose a laptop that is suited to your occupation.

Led television -10 reason why to buy this product in this Festive Season


A led television is much more than just an electronic. As a matter of fact, a led television set is not just a part of the drawing room but an important part of the home. Statistically, electronic sales are at the highest during the festive season. Moreover, during this pre-Dussehra period, many Indian homes welcome the latest T.V’s. In fact, the led television models are hottest this season and rightly so. Leading among these is the LG 32 inch LED TV 

We give you a few tips on making the most of your buys this Dussehra-Diwali:


  1. An EmPowered Choice of  led television

Before you purchase a gadget, it is essential to know of its power consuming habits. Led television screen screens use less battery. In fact, the LED bulb is superior to the CCFL’s used in LCD T.V.’s because the former shows a 20-30% reduction in power. Additionally, Plasma televisions rank poorly in this aspect. Hence, the LG 32 inch LED TV is a wise and eco-conscious investment.

  1. Display

Broadly, there are 4 types of screens. These include Plasma, LCD, LED and OLED. Plasma screens rank highest on battery consumption. Alternatively, LCD and LED score better in this area. First and foremost, LED is LCD which employs LED instead of CCFL’s. Second, OLED is a slimmer LED screen, better energy consumption, and viewing angles. However, its shortcomings are high-costs and brief lifespan. All things considered, the LG 32 inch LED TV checks all the boxes, including an optimum display.

  1. A Just Selection Panel 

Next, panels come into the picture. Most TV’s come in IPS or VA panels. Both IPS and VA contain liquid crystals. However, they differ in the alignment of the crystals. In this respect, IPS is superior as it offers clearer views and show of color. You will be happy to know that most LG TV models use IPS panels. In fact, the LG 32 inch LED TV uses the best quality IPS panel that boasts life-life color and blur-free clarity.

  1. Well-Defined Definitions


Most electronics throw around the word HD very leniently. As a matter of fact, it is difficult for a layman to differentiate between an HD TV and a Full-HD TV. The latter is advisable only if you need higher display angles. However, LG TV models offer both HD and Full-HD selection. In fact, LG smart TV 32 inch features Triple XD engine, which ensures excellent color, contrast, and visibility. In addition, the LG smart TV allows both DivX and DivX HD videos.


  1. Balanced Brightness


The LG LED TV makes the best of LED technology. Note that brightness does not always mean better viewing. In fact, high brightness makes dark hues like black appear dull and lifeless. Accordingly, brightness levels in LED TV’s are set to an optimum level.


  1. Artificial Intelligence

Currently, smart TV’s are the rage. In my opinion, it is best to opt for the LG smart TV, with built-in Wifi. This is especially sensible if you plan to use the gadget long term as the concept still needs to catch up in India. However, we predict that its popularity is in the offing. Besides, it does not make sense to invest in an LED TV that costs you Rs 30k + but does not have any smart features.


  1. It’s All About The Connection

Furthermore, HDMI ports are very useful in connecting external media to your LG smart TV. The LG smart TV consolidates audio, video, and data into one cable.


  1. Don’t Burn Out, Don’t Burn In

Burn in is the persistence of image when the video has progressed. Plasma and LCD screens use a phosphor that causes this phenomenon. In addition to its other properties, the LG LED TV avoids the use of phosphor and pre-empts this problem.


  1. Protection Is Better Than Repair

LG TV models come equipped with wholesome safety. First, the IPS panel guards the screen. Second, you have lightning protection, summer heat protection, humidity and dust protection.


       10. A Green TV

Additionally, LG 32 inch smart TV is not only an LG LED TV, but also eco-friendly in other ways. First, it boasts backlight control of brightness. Second, it features screen-off, which allows only audio to play. In addition, the standby mode zero function helps your gadget hibernate, on zero electricity.


         11.Enthralling Entertainment

The LG 32 inch LED TV offers various sound environments, conducive to the video that is playing. Accordingly, it has Bollywood Mode and Cricket Mood. Additionally, there are many built-in games in this television.

       12.Festival Discounts

As a matter of fact, it is always raining discounts during the festive season. Thereby, it is essential to have both basic and nuanced knowledge of electronics and warranty before falling prey to a tempting discount. However, it is always nice to avail a friendly discount.  Moreover, Bajaj Electronics offer excellent EMI and warranty options for their cardholders.


All things considered, the LG Smart TV 32 inch is one of the most superior telly sets in the market.