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7 ways in which the New LG Washing Machine helps the modern mom keep the laundry pile in control

Bored of doing laundry? Relax LG has every solution to your household problems. We understand your needs and have incorporated such features into our products that reduce your workload in every possible way. Our everyday lives have been so busy that the daily chores especially laundry adds up to the stress. With its smart and innovative technology, LG has always stepped a notch higher to provide effective services.

LG Washing Machine has proved to be a household favourite over the years. Don’t believe us, find it yourself.


Varied motion for a better result

This 6 Motion Direct Drive (DD) involves scrubbing, rolling, stepping, swing, tumbling and filtration.  This process promises a complete wash of your clothes with utmost care. 6 Motion combines force of water and rhythm of motion to provide a cleaner wash every time. Motion changes according to how dirty your clothes are. This technology helps in providing LG consumers cleaner and less tangled clothes.

LG Washing Machine saves you a lot of energy

LG washing machine is an efficient energy saver with its Inverter Control feature. With less speed fluctuations and sustainable consumption of electricity, it is safe to say that it is the ‘Best Washing Machine’ presently. Optimum washing performance is ensured and you save water and electricity as well.

No dirt residue to be seen with LG Washing Machine

Baby care feature makes the temperature rise up to 95 degree Celsius. This helps to get rid of all types of bacteria and enzymes. With no detergent residue remaining in the clothes, the gentle motor ensures that the quality of the clothes remain intact.

Leaves your fabric odourless

Not just washing but LG washing machine ensures that your fabric is odourless and is prevented from entering the spin mode. As they lay suspended in the water, the rinse hold cycle makes way for the additional rinse cycle. This spares time to release the rinse hold before entering the spin cycle. This process prevents the chances of occurrence of a foul smell in the clothes and maintains the freshness of your garments.

Washing Machine cum engineer

With in-built Smart Diagnosis System, your machine is ready to detect the problem it is currently going through. All you have to do is dial smart diagnosis and wait for the phone to know your next step. Get free from the problem of calling the engineer and spending a lot of time for any kind of problems. This feature ensures an instant solution to various machine-related issues.

Sterilizes your machine

Development of fungus and other toxic substances is very common when your machine is regularly used. The tub area turns out to be a home to these problems in any ordinary washing machine. Tub clean feature uses hot steam with the high-speed spin to sterilize every corner of the tub. Your machine and clothes both remain disinfected. Thus, it also takes care of your health.

Enhanced performance with new technology

Inverter Direct Drive Technology facilitates minimal noise and vibration along with more durability. The motor is directly attached to the drum without the use of belt or pulley. As less mechanical parts are used, the energy depletion is automatically reduced which leads to a better performance.

Planning to buy a new LG washing machine? Go for it. LG washing machine comes with various load capacities, anti-bacterial functionalities, and energy-saving technology. Combined to save your time and provide high efficiency, these are termed as the best washing machine for a reason.

With Twin load, Semi-Automatic and Front-loading at your service bring home a machine that serves all your needs effortlessly. Now every laundry day will be a happy day with LG’s key feature that will make washing clothes an interesting task.


How to beat the heat with the New Hitachi AC this summer?

If you are thinking of cool cozy environment, then you are thinking Hitachi. These energy efficient masterpieces are a breath of fresh air that meets the need of every lifestyle. Designed to provide you with high-quality solutions, these are loaded with new technology features that are extremely reliable.

Wondering if all the AC’s come with similar qualities, then you are wrong my friend. Hitachi AC stands as a Best Air Conditioner as it not only provides cool but clean air with its Anti-Bacterial Koukin Filter. Its auto climate feature makes it favorable in every weather condition. This amalgamation of technology and innovation has made all the difference with its awe-inspiring utility.

Hitachi AC combined with its brilliant component makes up for a leading air condition brand. Summer might be harsh this season but our air conditioners are crafted to beat the heat in every possible way.

For a ‘Cool’ style statement

Its designs are not just aesthetically pleasing to look at but also create an impression of winter season during a harsh summer. Hitachi AC comes with the sleek and fascinating design that makes it even more desirable due to its efficient functionality. As every model by Hitachi is a work of art, their latest is a mix of innovative technology and futuristic design. Now enjoy breezy days in style.

Hitachi AC are more sensible than your regular AC

When it comes to providing amazing features for your comfort, these air conditioners pass the test with flying colors. They are equipped with ultra-sensitive sensors that are designed to detect the smallest of an individual’s body. Termed as Best Air Conditioner, they come with three sensing zones that channelize the flow of air from a specific direction. As they are light in weight they can enhance your décor anywhere in your house. With great efficiency and high quality, this brand has managed to secure a place as the most reliable AC brand.

Keeps your pocket warm

Yes, you read that right! Hitachi AC has the capacity to keep you cool and your pockets warm. Now your dream of getting an AC with the latest technology within your financial limit is just a shop away.

Equipped with the latest technology

For getting cozy in your bedroom or wanting to chill in the living room, these Hitachi Air Conditioners are suitable everywhere. Hitachi AC is designed to be energy efficient according to the country you are residing in. Loaded with world’s leading technology like Ace out, Follow me and Auto clean technology - this star rated AC is highly eco-friendly too.

It may be hard to control the weather but with Hitachi AC’s you can exercise control over the climate in your house. What makes it more desirable are its latest features and ability to fit into your budget. Enjoy summers that are sweat free and airy. Chill with your friends and family and beat the heat in style.  

Top 10 Things To Do When You Get Your New Lenovo Laptop

In my opinion, it is always sensible to be coached on your acquaintance with a new device. A laptop is a gadget one uses daily. Furthermore, the use of this gadget in today’s generation is medium to high. The best laptop is one that offers you the desired features, within your budget. Furthermore, it is must rank high in terms of longevity and lifespan. Lenovo laptops check all those boxes.

Its latest laptops are strong with many useful features. One must know how to access them.  These include:


  1. A Friendly Introduction


Lenovo Companion is an interactive guide to the Lenovo laptop or ThinkPad. Moreover, it intimates you with important updates and lets you know your warranty status, product specifications, and O.S. details, at the click of a button.


  1.  Customisation


Next, take charge and adjust PC settings according to convenience. You can turn the webcam on or off, alter sound environments, adjust mouse activity and change your battery plan using these.


  1. A Chapter on Windows


Furthermore, the latest laptops come equipped with a Windows 8 or 10 guide. Take its help to set up the OS on your new laptop. A new operating system can be confusing for some. The Windows Guide addresses this very issue.


  1. Internal Protection


Safeguard your system with a potent Anti-virus program. Next, learn to set up the anti-virus. Furthermore, the latest laptops come with an inbuilt antivirus and the best laptop ensures regular antivirus checks.


  1. In Safe Hands


In addition, secure your PC with the Accidental Damage Protection to prevent any external liquid damage. Many a time we happen to lounge around our systems with a beverage in hand, even around a cherished, expensive device. Accordingly, this feature takes care of any external damage due to spillage.


  1. Connection


Moreover, learn to pair external printers or speakers to your PC or ThinkPad. In addition, always be thorough with attaching an external DVD drive and booting from it. The best laptop always allows multiple wireless connections.


  1.  Migration


 Also, Lenovo, even in its low price laptops, allows transfer of data from your old system to your new device. Follow the inbuilt Migration Guide to know more. Moreover, this feature comes to the aid of professional gamers and is especially useful in gaming laptops.



  1. Registration Is Key


In addition, registering your Lenovo device has many advantages. The Lenovo center will send you the latest updates, download options, safety alerts and guarantee overview among other things. Additionally, registering verifies the authenticity of the product and aids fuss-free backup.


  1.  Beautify Your PC


Moreover, accessorise your system with a wireless keyboard and mouse combination or even new Bluetooth speakers. Even low-priced laptops allow this feature. Furthermore, the latest ThinkPad range of the Lenovo universe features the smartest apps and decoration options. Go crazy with these!


       10.Upping Their Game


As a matter of fact, Lenovo exhibits the best of its technology in its gaming laptops. Thereby, these boast superfast performance, expansive storage, and state-of-the-art graphics.



In addition, Lenovo offers a step by step guide on its website to help you choose the right laptop for yourself. Alternatively, there are multiple manually selectable options for the layman and for gamers, businessmen, students and movie buffs. Finally, it is best to choose a laptop that is suited to your occupation.

10 Things To Know While Buying TV’s This Festive Season


A telly is much more than just an electronic. As a matter of fact, a television set is not just a part of the drawing room but an important part of the home. Statistically, electronic sales are at the highest during the festive season. Moreover, during this pre-Dussehra period, many Indian homes welcome the latest T.V’s. In fact, the LG TV models are hottest this season and rightly so. Leading among these is the LG 32 inch LED TV.  

We give you a few tips on making the most of your buys this Dussehra-Diwali:


  1. An EmPowered Choice


Before you purchase a gadget, it is essential to know of its power consuming habits. LED screens use less battery. In fact, the LED bulb is superior to the CCFL’s used in LCD T.V.’s because the former shows a 20-30% reduction in power. Additionally, Plasma televisions rank poorly in this aspect. Hence, the LG 32 inch LED TV is a wise and eco-conscious investment.


  1. Display


Broadly, there are 4 types of screens. These include Plasma, LCD, LED and OLED. Plasma screens rank highest on battery consumption. Alternatively, LCD and LED score better in this area. First and foremost, LED is LCD which employs LED instead of CCFL’s. Second, OLED is a slimmer LED screen, better energy consumption, and viewing angles. However, its shortcomings are high-costs and brief lifespan. All things considered, the LG 32 inch LED TV checks all the boxes, including an optimum display.


  1. A Just Selection Panel


Next, panels come into the picture. Most TV’s come in IPS or VA panels. Both IPS and VA contain liquid crystals. However, they differ in the alignment of the crystals. In this respect, IPS is superior as it offers clearer views and show of color. You will be happy to know that most LG TV models use IPS panels. In fact, the LG 32 inch LED TV uses the best quality IPS panel that boasts life-life color and blur-free clarity.


  1. Well-Defined Definitions


Most electronics throw around the word HD very leniently. As a matter of fact, it is difficult for a layman to differentiate between an HD TV and a Full-HD TV. The latter is advisable only if you need higher display angles. However, LG TV models offer both HD and Full-HD selection. In fact, LG smart TV 32 inch features Triple XD engine, which ensures excellent color, contrast, and visibility. In addition, the LG smart TV allows both DivX and DivX HD videos.


  1. Balanced Brightness


The LG LED TV makes the best of LED technology. Note that brightness does not always mean better viewing. In fact, high brightness makes dark hues like black appear dull and lifeless. Accordingly, brightness levels in LED TV’s are set to an optimum level.


  1. Artificial Intelligence


Currently, smart TV’s are the rage. In my opinion, it is best to opt for the LG smart TV, with built-in Wifi. This is especially sensible if you plan to use the gadget long term as the concept still needs to catch up in India. However, we predict that its popularity is in the offing. Besides, it does not make sense to invest in an LED TV that costs you Rs 30k + but does not have any smart features.


  1. It’s All About The Connection


Furthermore, HDMI ports are very useful in connecting external media to your LG smart TV. The LG smart TV consolidates audio, video, and data into one cable.


  1. Don’t Burn Out, Don’t Burn In


Burn in is the persistence of image when the video has progressed. Plasma and LCD screens use a phosphor that causes this phenomenon. In addition to its other properties, the LG LED TV avoids the use of phosphor and pre-empts this problem.


  1. Protection Is Better Than Repair


LG TV models come equipped with wholesome safety. First, the IPS panel guards the screen. Second, you have lightning protection, summer heat protection, humidity and dust protection.


       10. A Green TV


Additionally, LG 32 inch smart TV is not only an LG LED TV, but also eco-friendly in other ways. First, it boasts backlight control of brightness. Second, it features screen-off, which allows only audio to play. In addition, the standby mode zero function helps your gadget hibernate, on zero electricity.


         11.Enthralling Entertainment


The LG 32 inch LED TV offers various sound environments, conducive to the video that is playing. Accordingly, it has Bollywood Mode and Cricket Mood. Additionally, there are many built-in games in this television.


       12.Festival Discounts


As a matter of fact, it is always raining discounts during the festive season. Thereby, it is essential to have both basic and nuanced knowledge of electronics and warranty before falling prey to a tempting discount. However, it is always nice to avail a friendly discount.  Moreover, Bajaj Electronics offer excellent EMI and warranty options for their cardholders.


All things considered, the LG Smart TV 32 inch is one of the most superior telly sets in the market.









MAC has been the pioneer of the smart-gadget. First of all came the slick, virus-free computer. Next, the revolutionary iPhone emerged.  Consequently, what makes MAC products so tempting is their quality. As a matter of fact, MAC is forever evolving. After spending millions on advertising, it is a surprise that there is so much in the MAC world that we are not aware of. Furthermore, some of its features have intentionally been kept secret. Perhaps it is the creators playing Hide and Seek with us users. However, it is exciting to explore the MAC universe and unearth more of its bounty. Some of the cool stunts of Apple MAC Book Air include:


  1.        Reading Out To You

  Are you experiencing difficulty reading fine text? That should not be a problem! OS X can read out aloud to you! Highlight the text you want read out. Next, select Edit from the top of the page. Then go to Speed. Next, click on Start Speaking. Moreover, you can alter the voice of the narration. For this purpose, go to System Preferences. Next, click on Dictation and Speech.

  1.        Infinite Keyboard Shortcuts


By and large, the Apple Mac Book latest model boasts endless shortcuts. All you need to do is, go to System Preferences. Next, roll on over to Keyboard. Ultimately, alight on Application Shortcuts. Next, you can enable your own selection of keys.


  1.        An APPle A Day


There is no doubt that we all have our favourite apps that we would like to fire up each time we switch on the system. To this end, the new Macbook Air features Evergreen Apps. Consequently, you can select Login Items in System Preferences to activate this property.


  1.        Wifi Hotspot


Moreover, you can use your Macbook as a Wifi Hotspot! From System Preferences, go to Sharing. Next, click on Internet Sharing. As long as you stay connected to Ethernet sharing, you can switch on internet sharing. Therefore, you can borrow internet service from your MAC computer. 


  1.        Monitoring


There is no doubt that the parental controls in the latest Mac book are superb and simple. You can restrict websites and manipulate underage access. Furthermore, you can set a ‘’bedtime’’ to inform your child that their browsing session is over.


  1.        Changing Your Surround Sound


First, key in Apple Space and type Audio Midi setup. Click on Configure speakers and you can change your surround sound. It allows you to work around a range of 5.1 -7.1 Surround. Additionally, Apple started implementing optical audio in their MAC’s in later 2008. For this, you will need an adapter or optical cable. Finally, you will have to plug the cable into your headphone jack to enable this feature.


  1.        Smart and Literary


Another important gesture is Mac Book Air’s 3-finger hold. Hold on a confusing or difficult word that you want to look up and use Mac book Air’s literary feature. As a result of this gesture, a pop-up of Dictionary, Thesaurus and Wikipedia pages sprouts out, for the highlighted word or term. 


  1.        A Win-Win Situation


OS X can now run Windows apps! Yes, you heard that right. As a matter of fact you can easily enable Windows 7 or 8 apps on the latest Mac book air. For this, you will need a Virtualisation app such as VirtualBox or Parallels Desktop. In addition, you have the option of installing Windows as a partition on your MAC hard drive. All things considered, MAC is versatile and gives you the best of both worlds!


  1.        A Signature Moment


Another vital feature of Mac Book Air is that you can now store a digital version of your handwritten signature on your system. First, save the signature. Next, you will have to drag and drop it on the said online document. Actually, this feature will save you a lot of time and paperwork!

       10       Clean Up Your Mess


Are you tired of seeing your desktop items misarranged? Simply hold Command down over an errant icon. Alternatively, select all the icons and right click to ‘’Clean up Selection’’. As a result your desktop will look neat and organised. This feature therefore, adds to the sleek appearance of your device.


The Apple Mac Book Air price in India ranges from Rs. 77000 to Rs. 93000.



For more visit

6 Things to know about Beats Headphones.

Beats is considered as one of the top manufacturers of Headphones in the world today. Loved by every young, old, middle-agers.

What makes Beats so popular and loved?


Here are seven things to know.


1. Since When? 


Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats) is a leading audio brand founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. While concentrating on the quality of the sound, they've introduced and continued to produce premium quality headphones from day one.

Not just in listening to music, the brand is known to brings studio and live (on stage) experiences to a whole new level.


2. Variants?


You have a wide range of options to choose from, keeping in mind the quality and comfort one finds in Beats people go to great extends to buy these headphones.

Considering the price and the need of the person, Beats offers some avid range of headphones to pick from. namely; Solo3 (wireless), Studio (wireless), EP and Pro.

If you follow any of the famous pop artists today, you can notice either a pair of Beats or a state of the art customized pair of headphones by Beats. Either way, Beats is all over.


3. Shocker of 2014.


The Headphone market was shocked when Apple purchased out Dr. Dre Headphones for $3 billion out of 2014. As a feature of this takeover, it was decided that the Beats mark should in any case remain. Apple stayed with the "Dr. Dre" name thus the brand is currently referred to just as "Beats By Dr. Dre". People love everything Apple needed to make and remake with the company and the brand on the whole.


4. inside Engineering.


With some serious sound engineering, Beats bring to the best balance of highs, mids, and low frequencies. which just don't let a pure sound out but hit you right in your chest.


5. Art of the hardware.


With some of the best engineers on board, Beats headphones are made with some of the art-form and materials available to us.

To keep in mind people's comfort, safety and easy ergonomics, Beats come in so many models according to the need and the usage.


6. Loud design, controlled sound.


When it comes to making earphones, Beats bring in some of the best artists together to design the body and its components. which makes it the best and most loved brand in the world of headphones.


A quick photo management with 3d touch in the I Phone 7.

The pressure sensing 3d touch on the I Phone 7 elevates your experience like never before, especially when it comes to pictures. With 3D Touch, you can animate a Live Photo and make your wallpaper come alive with a deep press, peek at your photos and videos within the stock Photos app, go to your best photos and see what you were snapping up this time last year, right from the home screen, and much more.

The advantages of a 3d touch for the I Phone 7.

Image result for iphone 7 3d touch camera


The 3d touch is extremely handy for those who have great memories stores in their photos. The 3d touch for the I Phone 7 enables a quick access to your pictures. The ease of accessing these photos doesn’t have any limitations to time or date. The 3d touch makes this access extremely easy.

 With the 3D Touch-enabled shortcut menu on the Home screen, opening your most recent photo, the images you took a year ago, accessing the ones you have favorited or launching right into Photos’ search is extremely easy. Press the Photos app icon on the Home screen and select among the options in the shortcut menu: Most Recent, Favorites, One Year Ago and Search.

Let the time gap not matter anymore.

The 3d touch enables you to easily get a preview of your pictures. Each picture is stored according to the date it was taken on. The 3d touch feature enables you to look into the past and get a quick view of your pictures, without disturbing what you’re doing in the moment.

Within the Photos app, press a thumbnail to peek at a photo or video. While peeking, you can press a little deeper to pop open the photo or video to full screen or swipe up to access hidden options: Copy, Share, Favorite and Delete.

Hitting Delete trashes the photo right away (deleted items are moved into a special album where they are kept for up to 40 days before they’re permanently deleted). If you 3D touch a photo that was previously favorite, the Favorite option in the menu will be replaced with its Unfavorite counterpart for your convenience.

The I Phone 7 is designed to be extremely user friendly and this particular feature proves exactly that. Visit: to book your I Phone 7 now!

Vivo V5S, the perfect selfie taker – nothing beats this.

The first obvious difference that hits your eye is the new and modified design that the Vivo V5S comes in.  While there are some similarities between the earlier model and the new one, there are also a lot of stark contrasts. In terms of design, the Vivo V5S has a metallic finish. There are no plastic trimmings on the top and bottom.

Apart from the design changes, the new Vivo comes with a software upgrade as well. Features like the Clone App that allows you to keep duplicates of apps like WhatsApp and FB logged in with different accounts. This makes the phone stand out – most phones let you use only one device at a time.

Selfie game further upped.

Image result for vivo v5s black color

The new Vivo was launched with the selfie feature as its main selling point. The Vivo V5S does NOT disappoint in this area. It has taken the selfie game up in a lot of ways. The phone boasts of a 20MP front camera that’s also paired with a moonlight flash and selfie-friendly software.

The internal memory of the new V5 has been increased to 64 GB as compared to the 32 GB that its predecessor flaunted. All in all, the new Vivo has definitely NOT disappointed. Every feature has been carefully looked at. The new software in the phone enables a quicker use of the touch screen facility and helps in making the phone user friendly.

For those who are heavy phone users, this phone with its increased battery life and storage space, makes for a solid investment. Visit: to get your Vivo V5S NOW. 

The advantages of owning air conditioners during the summer.

Hyderabad, we are all too familiar with the blazing summer heats, aren’t we? With April edging slowly towards an even hotter May, it’s time to seriously consider the advantages of owning air conditioners. If you already have an air conditioner installed, there are definitely some things you should do to make sure these don’t become dysfunctional when you need them the most.

Advantages of getting your air conditioners repaired on time

While it’s always a good idea to get air conditioners for the summer, it’s an even better idea to make sure that these are functional. Below are the following things you can do to make sure that your air conditioners never fail you

a) It’s a great way to save money

Getting your air conditioners repaired before hand is a definite and sure fire way of saving money. if you overlook even the smallest malfunction, you will most likely end up paying more. A small AC repair or quick maintenance check can save you a lot of time, a lot of hassle, and a lot of money.

 b) Keeps you hydrated through the summer

Air conditioners keep you cool through the summer. They make sure that your body temperature doesn’t get affected due to the high outside temperatures.

 c) Improves job performance

Imagine sitting at work in extremely hot and uncomfortable conditions. You just can’t right? This is one of the main reasons why you should look into getting your air conditioners repaired before the intense summer heat sets in. The cooling effect helps increase productivity and makes the work environment extremely comfortable.

Get your home or work place summer ready.

If you have waited till now to either get or install your air conditioners, worry not. You’re still not too late. Get your home fitted and ready for summer. Visit: to get the air conditioners of your dream. It’s never too late to make sure that you’re cool and cozy this summer, instead of being hot and toasty! 

What would you choose? An AC or a cooler?

Coolers and Air Conditioners are two types of appliances that a person can use in order to make the air cooler. One is picked over the other depending on the place and the climatic conditions of the place. Read on to find out which of the two is suitable for your weather type.

Cooler, cooler. Which cooler would you want?

A cooler, also known as, evaporative cooler, swamp cooler, desert cooler and wet air cooler, uses the hot air in the room and water in order to produce cooler air. It uses the evaporating technique in order to produce the cool air, earning the name evaporative cooler. An air conditioner makes the temperature of the room cooler. It does this by recycling the heat in the room, thus dropping the temperature down to a couple of points.

The air conditioner cools using coils. They circulate the heat to make it into a temperature warmer than the outside. The air ducts enable the air to move from the outside to the inside, making the air around cooler.

Which one would you pick?

Though the main purpose of an air conditioner and a cooler are the same, the usability of the two depends on the area and the location. The major difference between the two is that a dessert cooler isn’t as strong as an air conditioner. 

Coolers are a lot more environment friendly than your air conditioners, which release ozone depleting chemicals into the atmosphere, though much more environmental friendly ACs are available with today’s advanced technology. Air conditions keep odors, insects and other pollution at bay and can also provide purified air, which a cooler cannot do.

The right choice between the two can only be made after careful thought has been put in the matter. Budget, area, location and frequency of usage are all important things that have to be taken into account.

At Bajaj Digital, we have a wide range of air conditioners and coolers. Visit: and take your pick. This summer, which one are you going to go for? Which one do you love more – the modern air conditioner or the classic dessert coolers?

Maximize the benefits of an Electronics sale
Whenever you plan to buy a new electronic appliance, first thing that comes to your mind is "Electronics Sale", isn't it...? Many stores claim to have Electronics sale and deals in the market. But not many qualify as 'the place' which benefits you in terms of Price and ease of Buying. Let's think a little more over this interesting aspect of buying electronics.
Geyser, the must have for your Bathroom
There's no denying in the fact that this season is colder than the previous ones. Be it the cold wind outside or the early morning shivers inside your home. Even though you can brave the cold wind outside but using cold water for bathing requires a lot more than courage and guts. So why do that, when you can have a good Geyser in your bathroom. Just be wise, get a good geyser for your bathroom. Read on as we discuss the why, how and where part of it.
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